Actionable Analytics for Your Build Systems

Continuous integration is the backbone of modern software development, and healthy CI/CD practices can redefine how teams deliver software and lead to improvements in quality and overall organizational agility. But the growing complexity of build platforms, processes, and technologies can make these benefits hard to realize.
Buildt helps manage that complexity by providing scalable insights into build metrics across the organization, empowering software development teams to make data-driven cost and quality improvements to their build processes.

Optimize Your Developer Experience

Stay Informed

Track Key Metrics

Monitor key continuous delivery health metrics across your entire organization. Project-level reports make it easy to dig into the details.
  • Build Success Rate
  • Platform Billing Minutes
  • Build Duration
  • Time to Recover
  • Total Builds
  • Compare Across Periods
Monitor Problems

Create Monitors & Receive Alerts

Monitor organization-wide build status and receive alerts when default branch builds have been failing for longer than expected or quality levels have fallen below threshold.
  • Set up monitors for the entire organization, or just key projects
  • Receive alerts on site and via email
  • Monitor default branches, all branches, or by pattern
Drive Improvements

Manage Costs & Improve Quality

Use aggregate build data to identify quality issues, understand how continuous integration provider resources are being consumed, and drive improvement efforts with data.
  • Compare key metrics across time periods to see improvement
  • View billable minutes by projects, branches, or contributors
  • Find projects with high failure rates or resource consumption